Master your audiences

Ticketing is at the heart of your business, the starting point for the experience of your audiences and a source of considerable income. The Odelyos software allows you to implement the ticketing policy of your choice and best suited to your operating constraints

Multiple venues and configurations management
  • Single or multiple locations, with complex zoning
  • General admission, free seating or numbered seating
  • Fully automated relocation management
Complex tariff grids
  • Single tariff, multiple tariffs, linked to a calendar, promotions, season passes, packages, tariffs with conditions
  • Simultaneous multiple VAT rates management
  • Ancillary fees management
Real-time cross-channel sales
  • Box-office sales (fast sale, complex sales, reservation management)
  • Online sales – multiple targets
  • Automatic kiosks (sales or pass refill)
  • Local network sales (E.g. : Tourists offices, outlets, partners, hotels, restaurants, etc…)
  • External network interfaces (Fnac / France Billet, Ticketmaster, Digitick, etc…)
Multiple supports
  • Thermal paper tickets (all formats – personalized or not)
  • RFID or NFC card
  • Omniris Technologies exclusive RFID token – placed or not on a disposable wristband
  • E-ticket or M-ticket (1D or 2D barcode)
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) management
  • IoT support
Data centralization
  • Real-time and asynchronous cross-channel sales and bookings data collection
  • Multiple formats extractions and automated exports
  • Ability to interface with new external channels and softwares on demand
  • As “Master” ticketing system or as additional sales channel for a third-party software